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Mini Meditations for Kids

Meditations for Kids

Meditation is easy, you just need to remember to do it! 

Dealing with emotions can be hard for children (and adults – let’s be honest). Oftentimes children do not have the vocabulary to talk through a burst of emotion or the skills that can help deal with difficult situations in school. As parents, we can help our little ones build resiliency and strength – giving them tools they can always use on their path to becoming calm, caring, healthy young people.

Glitter Glass mediations can be incorporated into your life as a daily family ritual – building a meditation practice that will benefit everyone in the family. 

When your little one is having a difficult time calming down, invite them to turn over their glass and to just simply watch as the glitter floats down for two minutes. The gentle sensory input from the glitter can help calm and restore the nervous system.   

Maybe your child had a difficult day at school or is having a hard time falling asleep. You can also pick and choose meditations that address a specific topic, helping your family learn healthy, resilient ways to deal with stress.

Why is meditation so powerful?

Mediation is a time and place to settle the mind and build up resilience, increasing mental and physical wellbeing. Today more than ever today, as children and adults alike deal with the challenges that come with social media, as well as the stresses of work and school, a short meditation ritual with the family can be a wonderful way to build roots together.

Though meditation is simple and easy to do, the benefits for mental and physical health are great. Current research shows that meditation can be as effective as traditional school medicine in treating a large spectrum of issues including, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and chronic pain just to name a few. In classrooms, studies show that kids who meditate have decreased attention problems and an increase in the ability to tackle emotional and social difficulties. Furthermore, meditation can change the structure of our brain in ways that improve emotion regulation and how we think about ourselves, making it easier to disengage with negative thoughts and self-talk.

So what does that mean for your family? In short, meditation makes us feel better. What’s not to like?

Who can benefit from Glitter Glass?

Good for

  • Families who are new to mediation

  • Families who are experienced meditators

  • Children ages 3 and up

  • Families from all religions, cultures and backgrounds

  • Families who are curious and like to try new things

  • Children who are facing difficult emotional or social challenges

  • Children who want to improve their ability to concentrate

  • Parents looking for ways to help support their childrens’ mental wellbeing is an easy and gentle manner

Who might want to proceed with caution?

If you or your child has experienced any kind of trauma and you are interested in meditation, you may want to consider reaching out to a trauma sensitive mediation teacher in your area before using Glitter Glass Meditations. While most of us think of sitting down meditations with a focus on the breath, there are many forms of meditations. A trained specialist can teach you various forms and options that may benefit you. 


Our Mission is to help parents and young children learn to meditate in an easy and playful way. As mothers, with busy schedules we have both benefited from the many benefits of short daily meditations. Then one day we thought, if it helps us so much, why not teach our children? And voila. Glitter Glass was born. 

Dr. Marjorie Kinney, PhD

As a clinical psychologist I have known about the scientifically proven benefits of meditation for a long time. It was not until I became a mother (of three) that I learned how much I really NEEDED meditation to maintain balance between work, family and self-care. One day, my middle child sat down next to me and asked to join my meditation and inspiration struck. As a way to ensure that my youngest child could also join in, I started making her Glitter Glasses. Now I can share this wonderful ritual together with my children, knowing I am giving them a gift for life.

Sandra Fabri

If we teach our children the important tools like gratitude and meditation from the beginning, they can draw strength from within themselves. I was immediately inspired by the Glitter Glass, because the children learn easily and playfully to arrive at their very best selves. As parents can make an important contribution to the self-confidence of our children.



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Tamara Jones, CEO

How to make a Glitter Glass

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